IT Computer Wiz Kids initiates and collaborates with existing non-profit
organizations to create or further enhance technology youth and adult programs.

The following are non profit agencies that IT Computer Wiz Kids, Inc. has successfully partnered with:


  • The Framsyn Initiative
  • An IT Certification Program
  • New York, NY and Washington, DC


  • The Patriots Technology Center
  • Headquarters at 5800 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, Seat Pleasant, MD  20743


  • The Green Door/Clubhouse
  • 1623 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009


  • The School for ARTs in Learning PCS  & WVSA ARTs
  • 1100 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036


  • Seat Pleasant Community Center, MD
  • and other Prince Georges County Park locations


  • The Evelyn Cole Senior Center, Seat Pleasant, MD
  • Techno Savvy Seniors in Seat Pleasant , MD


Below are the current and planned future community outreach activities:


Patriots’ Program Annual Youth Summit on Technology
Since 2006, IT Computer Wiz Kids have been a vital Patriots’ Technology Training Center. We have trained, traveled, presented and hosted its Computer Building Competitions in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, especially Prince Georges County.  We hosted and trained 30-45 youth for 2-hour sessions each week for 1-month in preparation for the competitions prior to the Patriots’ Annual Technology Summit where over 700+ students attend annually.  The students learned to disassemble and re-assemble the computers 4 to 6 times. Students also learned basic PC troubleshooting, advanced skills, hardware upgrades, repairing and networking computers. At the event IT Computer Wiz Kids hosts the Gaming Room.  Summit attendees have a chance to play the latest games and compete with other gaming gurus for free.  IT Computer Wiz Kids, Inc. has also hosted a monthly program were participants are introduced to PC building, and techniques that will speed up the computers.


Patriots Technology Program Summer Camps
The Patriots Technology Program hosts various summer camps around the Washington, DC area which IT Computer Wiz Kids will become a vital part of their program. 

Wiz Kids Help Desk Youth Initiative at School Program
(Future Program in Development)

We initiated a successful mobile technology learning program called the Wiz Kids Help Desk Youth Initiative at School Program. This innovative program involves working with IT teachers within the school system. We structured the program to enhance the school system’s current technology class curriculum. The situation we found was that many classroom computers were non-functional, but repairable.  The Information Technology Repair school employee’s plate was overwhelmed by many broken computers.  In most cases there was only one repair person for two schools of estimated 500-1000 students at each school. The repair person’s time and resources were limited due to the school’s or the school district’s budget.  Our goal is to teach the youth to create and develop their school’s computer “help desk” where high school students can perform basic and valuable troubleshooting skills with their own school computers in the classroom.  The education is further enhanced by a Help Desk Youth Initiative afterschool program for intermediate to advanced learning. Eventually, the Wiz Kids Help Desk Youth Initiative will expand to several schools so that students can keep their school’s technology cutting edge and students will be able to utilize the computer equipment bought for learning.


Vocational Rehab Computer Connection
Since 2008, IT Computer Wiz Kids partnered with the Green Door of Washington, DC, a vocational rehabilitation program for adults living with mental illness. Our program provides adults with special needs an opportunity to explore information technology.

At-Risk Youth Computer Connection
IT Computer Wiz Kids partnered with community supported and at-risk youth focused programs.  The H.E.L.P. Foundation, WVSA Charter School Arts Connection Outreach and Articulate Employment Training Program are three organizations which IT Computer Wiz Kids played a vital part over the last year to at-risk teens for mentoring and technology career training. At both locations students learned to take computers apart. The focus of the training was to have the students identify each component, and re-assemble the units. Students also learn techniques to troubleshoot and speed up computers, backup data, and protect and remove spyware, and avoid fatal viruses.  The overwhelming response from the classes lead to our program be extended and part of their curriculum during the upcoming year.


Summer Computer Connection
In the coming year, we will work with at-risk youth in The Patriots Technology summer programs, The Framsyn Initiative Mid-Atlantic summer programs and other summer corporate program collaborations throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area. In addition, we will work with area recreation centers and summer school programs this coming year. Furthermore, we will also be a part of an eight schools and church program yearly teaching over 400 students the Prince Georges county area.


Techno Savvy Seniors Computer Connection
IT Computer Wiz Kids provides older adults (seniors) education and access to computer technology to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.  The Techno Savvy Seniors program bridges the digital divide so that seniors can have basic and up to date technology skills to have an active technical life. Initially we targeted Senior Centers under the Prince Georges County Maryland Nutritional program with much success.  We will to expand and target other Senior Centers, especially low-income, and older adult independent living facilities within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. I-Team mentored students will volunteer to assist senior students.  This will allow I-Team members to learn to teach basic computer skills in layman’s terms to a population that is may be new to this computer technology material.




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IT Computer Wiz Kids is a non-profit organization headquartered in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide a fun, exciting environment that will empower communities through education, growth and development needed for existing and future employment in the computer industry. The Wiz Kids' model combines the fundamentals of computer technology with academic and mentoring goals to improve results and maximize achievement. Below are the exciting upcoming hosted events in collaboration with the Patriots Technology Program.